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Our Story Till Now

How VCCI Came into Being


VCCI Launched

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the meetings and events landscape forever. Governments, Corporations & Associations had to re-write their marketing strategy to include virtual conferencing/meetings and digital events. To cater to this changing environment SEES, an established meeting design agency that prides itself in delivering tech-enriched solutions, tools & services to it’s clients added virtual meeting offering to its existing large portfolio of services.

SEES preempted the need of a full scale solution offering from a single agency, wherein the need-of-the-hour Technology is delivered by experienced meeting planners and not rank newcomers with little experience or expertise in the art & science of event planning & management.

Use our branded and gated virtual venue to take your own virtual event, or build a custom branded venue of your own! With VCCI, you can create interactive virtual spaces that attendees can access with just a few clicks on a browser from their computers or mobile device with no applications to download.

In May 2020, SEES entered into a strategic partnership with Engagez, an established Enterprise level US based virtual meeting platform, pre-dating Covid from 6 years & successfully delivering meetings & events to clients across the Americas and Europe; and now represents them in India & the Middle East.


Who We are?

VCCI is a joint strategic venture of Engagez and Strategic Engagement & Event Solutions (SEES), a private limited company founded in 2015 with offices at New Delhi and Hyderabad, with a singular aim of making meetings effective™.

SEES is recognized as a one of its kind meeting planning agency that pioneered Event Tech and Meeting Design in the country. We are passionate about using our expertise and experience across sectors and years, in building engaging brand stories that integrate Live Communications via B2B and B2C experiences for your product, idea or campaign. Our Event solutions rests on the twin principles of meeting design and EventTech plus an Objective driven approach to solve your problems. With the Event Attendee at the core of our solutions and services, we bring strategic value to the Event Organizer, Meeting planner or Event Budget Owner, as the case be. We partner with Corporations, Associations, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.

A growing company, our Financial figures for FY 2019-20 crossed 90 mio. And we thank our clients for reposing their trust in us time and again.

Our promise to make meetings effective in India continues!

The Solution

Where we Stand out



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    Event Design & Services
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    Complete Graphics and UI Customization
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    LIVE & SimuLIVE(Recorded) Sessions
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    Third Party Tech Integration
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    End-to-End Project Management
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    Native Registration & Attendee Engagement
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    Strong Analytics & Reporting
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    Organizer Admin & Contributor Login
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    Marketing & Promotion
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    LIVE Show Running
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    Speaker Training
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    Robust Gamification Engine
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    LIVE Technical Chat Support
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    One Month Validity



Easy To

Our easy, attractive and intuitive web-based user interface facilitates even Techphobic attendees to explore the event and its offerings to the fullest!

Native Attendee Engagement

Drive multi-layered attendee engagement through Chat, Polls, Social, Gamification, Video Calls, Roundtables & Customizations, as in an in-person event.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate multiple platforms for registration and payment, broadcast and content, analytics, and engagement tech, to further enhance the experience.

A Team of Meeting Planners

With the collective leadership of Lalit Chadha, CMP, Nitin Sharma (Co-Founders, SEES) & Priti Khanna (Director) and a young, dynamic team of intelligent, focussed and experienced pool of talent, your event is delivered by people who are indeed meeting planners themselves!

Features & Functionality

At a Glance



At VCCI, we are committed to provide you with the best technology & expert fulfillment to help you reach your business goals. Our platform provides your Attendees with multiple engagement opportunities and a world-class easy-to-navigate User Interface, that allows you to re-create the missing energy of in-person events.

Venue Locations

Entrance — Lobby — Conference Center — Resource Center — Exhibit Halls — Networking Lounge — Forums — Private Offices —Collaboration Rooms — Webinar Studio & more


Paid Content — Paid Access — Exhibits — Sponsorship Packages — Lead Generation — Content Marketing — Sponsored Webinars — Courses — Certifications


Content Sharing — One-on-One Private Meetings — Appointment Setting — Web Casting — Document Sharing — Task Management


My Calendar — Linkedln Profile Import — Linkedin Contact Lookup —Private Download Holder — System Inbox — Personal Chat —Personal Messaging

Webcasting Solutions

Native And Integrated

Live Streaming — Simulive — WebEx — GoToMeeting — GoToWebinar — Adobe Connect — Click Meeting — Zoom — Livestream — Ustream — Vimeo — YouTube and more

Access Control & Security

Roles Based Access Control — Domain Based Access Control —Location Based Access Restriction — Content Control — Multiple Security Levels

Communication & Engagement

Chat — Email — Notifications — Forums — Social Wall — Twitter Board — Appointment Setting — Polling — Surveys — Live Q&A — Offline Q&A — Gamification

Registration & Messaging

Customizable Forms — Payment Processing — Email Notifications & Reminders — Calendaring — 3rd Party Registration Solution Integration — Single Sign On — Linkedln and Facebook Sign In

Our Recent Works




SHRMI21 Annual Conference that included the SHRM HR Excellence Awards 2021 was held on 2-3 December, 2021 which was filled with 20+ learning hours, 40+ Sessions (Live & SimuLive), 120+ speakers - all knowledge leaders from the industry who shared best practices and updates.

View Project

SHRM IAC & Tech APAC 2020

SHRM IAC 2020, celebrating 15 years through a virtual experience filled with 75+ knowledge sessions, over 35 hours of unparalleled learning, interactive & engaging experience all on a single virtual platform!

View Project

SHRM NxT 2020

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Dubai’s first virtual event for the Middle East & Central Asian countries’ HR community. Two days of invigorating sessions and masterclasses on the future of HR.

View Project

it Cosmetics Launch

L'Oréal Middle East’s launch of luxury line - IT Cosmetics in association with Sephora.

View Project


L'Oréal Dubai’s prestigious Annual Year End Show 2020, an educational event to inspire and connect with leading hairdressers from across the region.

View Project

Interventional Cardiology Conferences

Four medical conferences of 3 days duration each on how to analyse, intervene and maximise PCI outcomes, with 3 live surgery cases and 90+ Speakers from overseas and across the country.

View Project


A series of Seminar-styled discussions on the role of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Cancer Care.

View Project

Smart Protein Summit

Curated and convened by The Good Food Institute India. 5 days of exciting panels and conversations to reimagine the future of food.

View Project


Connect with us

Our Offices

  • Corporate Office: New Delhi

    258, Lane No. 3, Saidulajab, Saket,
    New Delhi - 110030

    Registered Office: Hyderabad

    Level 6, Melange Towers, Wing A, Patrikanagar, Near Madhapur, HITEC City,
    Hyderabad – 500081

  • Lalit Chadha: +91 98100 72820
    Priti Khanna: +91 98100 02726
    Nitin Sharma: +91 89781 00021
  • vcci@sees-on.com

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